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Who we are

The Kiserem Epilepsy awareness foundation is a non-profit making organization that target to create awareness of people with Epilepsy. Kiserem Epilepsy awareness foundation is committed to addressing the needs of people living with epilepsy in a holistic and integrated manner.

Kiserem Fondation was established in Kiambu, in 2016 by Fred Kiserem after he was diagnosed with epilepsy while working in Iraqi.  After returning back in Kenya, he decided to start a program on epilepsy to create awareness about epilepsy in the community after rejection, Misinformation and misconceptions regarding epilepsy in the society. Many people confuse epilepsy with witchcraft, demon possession, a worm in the brain and they often think it is contagious and God’s punishment. Instead of going for reliable medical treatment, 80% of Kenyans makes use of the herbalist (Daily Nation, April 9)


What we do

Epilepsy should receive healthcare priority in Schools and other learning Institutions. Need to encourage parents, relatives, friends, public and private sectors and NGO.s to get involved in the local activities of the Global Campaign against Epilepsy. Elimination of discrimination against epilepsy in all spheres of life, particularly in schools and at work places is essential.


 We have partnered with Secondary schools and higher learning Institution in the community to facilitate the implementation of different activities that are aimed at increasing awareness about epilepsy, provide accurate information on the same condition, build the self-esteem of school going children, give facts to school administrators and teachers so that epilepsy is brought out of the shadows in in our community.  


Kiserem Epilepsy awareness foundation holds counseling sessions for persons with epilepsy, their parents, guardians and relatives on a daily basis in our office 

Our goals

Only 20% of Kenyans with epilepsy take reliable Anti-Epileptic Drugs (research KEMRI, 2008). This hinders them to equally participate in society. They are often excluded from school, work, church and other social activities. A major challenge of people living with epilepsy is to stand up for themselves in the community. 

People living with epilepsy reported physical abuse from members of their household, sexually abused and not be taken care off, many have been abandoned.

KISEREM EPILEPSY AWARENESS FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES  Participation  Empowerment  Networking  Non-discrimination  Gender equity 

It is clear to us that the social empowerment and community awareness of person with epilepsy is a necessity needed.

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Kiserem Awareness Foundation is not affiliated with any organization but depends entirely on private donations from within the Community. This makes our fundraising very challenging. We welcome ANY kind of financial support, be it large or small. The funds will be used directly to create awareness in our community about epilepsy. Click on the Donate now button to donate using PayPal or go to the link "www.PayPal.me/kiseremeaf" to pay via credit card directly. All payments are secured and protected by PayPal.

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