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Kisrem Awareness lunch: 7/4/18

An example of our recent campaign, the Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation ran a fundraiser in the community to assist the people of Mwihoko - come see the event to get an idea of how our Foundation could help raise funds in YOUR community!

Awareness with Schools

Our Foundation is passionate about raising Awareness for Epilepsy, especially with our young children. Fred Kiserem and the Kiserem Foundation can come to your community school and raise awareness with speeches and fundraisng event assistance. Contact us to find out how.

Fundraising events

Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation can assist your community group, school or organisation to run a Fundraising or Awareness event to assist Epilepsy in your very own community. You can play an active part in helping Epilepsy and sufferers where you live and we can help you do it. Contact us now to see the services we can offer to help.

Our Founder at work

See video footage of our Founder hard at work with fist aid speeches in the community. You can help by holding a talk on Seizure first aid in your community or organisation. It's valuable and helps spread awareness - come see the footage!

Upcoming event

We regularly list our upcoming events. We have just completed our last event but a new one will be coming out soon. Check this space to see when our next event will be being held.

Dedicated to Ivy

We recently lost a great friend - Ivy Muthoni - to SUDEP. We think the best way to honour her is by raising awareness in Kenya and our communities so that her passing is not in vain. A wonderful lady taken from us far too soon. We invite everyone to read our dedication to our lost freind.

Donate to assist Epilepsy in kenya

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will help fund our mission. Click on the below button to donate via PayPal or if you do not have a PayPal account go to "" to pay via credit card

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Our services

Assisting those with Epilepsy

Are you or someone you love suffering from Epilepsy? Contact our Foundation using the Contact us page to see if we can help. Kiserem Foundation has helped countless people in Kenya and we are here to assist.


Spreading Awareness is both our passion and something we actively seek to do. You can hold an Awareness event in your community, at your school or your organisation to help us spread Awareness - contact us to find out how!

Advocating better medical care

4 out of 5 people living in Kenya do not have access to Epilepsy medication. One of our Foundations key mandates is to help people gain access to life-saving medications plus to campaign that people living in Kenya with Epilepsy receive better medical care.

Raising funds for Epilepsy

We run both our own fundraising events plus we can assist other groups in organising and advertising their own fundraisers. If you want to hold a fundraiser for Epilepsy our Foundation can assist you and help spread the word.

Live talks from our Founder

On top of our Awareness services our Founder Fred Kiserem is active within the Kenyan community - constantly giving talks and holding Awareness campaigns. By staying active in the community - Fred Kiserem ensures he is on the front line battling for Epilepsy in Africa.

Do you have a Question?

There are many common questions and misconceptions about Epilepsy and sometimes knowing the facts is a powerful tool. Do you have a question about Epilepsy? Contact us to see if we can empower you with information about this disability. 1 in 26 people suffer from Epilepsy and we want to help them all!